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Saturday late – 23:00

Posted in Uncategorized by petegent on September 27, 2008

After some ardeous hours spending tweaking and swearing at squarespace I’ve actually managed to beat into the form that it is now – rather better but not perfect by any means.

heres a (meta) run down of the new stuff..


You may have noticed the new front page with quicklinks to my presence on the blogosphere / internet.

About me section – still work in progress if you want to find out more about me there.


Modified background picture from grass to the sortof puke green seamless image in the background – still not quite satisfied with it and I want to add a lot more graphics to the page

Modified body colors to a silver with white wrappers for the sidebars to make it more sexy

Fixed the twitter badge so that it actually reports on my twitter feed and not the original developers. Huzzah!


The cuddly white bear for the time being 🙂 – HE WILL RETURN THOUGH!

The wooden header background – I kinda changed my mind about the colour scheme and it didn’t really fit.

To do:

Add cuddly bear again!

Visualize and plan out social network sphere – It’s gonna have to be full of widgets to 

re-consider background – the grass was quite good but I just need something a lot more high-res. Like my own camera to take a fricking picture.

If you’ve got a suggestion you can just send them on a postcard to me or add them to the comments below.


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