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Posted in Uncategorized by petegent on October 9, 2008
Hi everyone.

You might have noticed my site being broken for a few days  – sorry about that, but I’ve had a lot of stuff on my hands with moving and everything :). As you might have noticed I’ve reverted the photo wall on the front page now until I can figure out the finer details of image mapping html links, whilst I’m still questioning the usability of a muddled photo wall in the first place :S.

Apart from that not a lot’s different. I might change the white body to a corn yellow to make the site look more cheerfull :). Plus I’d like to add some rock and roll elements like keys, ciggs etc on the background.

Anyway enough for now, cya soon!


Twitter change = fail

Posted in Uncategorized by petegent on October 4, 2008

Twitter change = fail. It seems like the cool advanced flash thing didn’t work as expected.

I can only get a big grey blob and no status updates… but it should look something like this !

Cool huh, if only!

Ok off to bed before I collapse… 


Work in progress – twitter feed meta post

Posted in Uncategorized by petegent on October 4, 2008

Hi gang!

I’m just in the progress of trying to put the twitter feed at the top of the blog since it’s what I’m using most often.

Good idea? yay or nay?

Comment below 🙂


Posted in Uncategorized by petegent on October 3, 2008

Hi folks!

As you may have found out by now I’m leaving Germany to return to my true motherland and home of shows like changing rooms and antiques roadshow; England.

As it happens I’ve got a ton of items that won’t fit into my suitcase so I’m going to offer them exclusively on my blog for sale. Of course If I can’t find any interested parties I’ll go to ebay or something.

Anyway, the items for sale are:

  • Several exclusive t-shirts with crysis and crytek branding
  • A crysis gold disc with signatures from all of the developers – good for forging things!
  • A movies gold disc that was given to me (with my name on it). The front is cracked but could be replaced.
  • A nintendo wii console with several games (including several arcade downloadable games – bomberman, ice hockey, kid chameleon, gunstar heroes and some others :))
  • Some ice skates – Used once about two years ago.

Pictures for all Items have been loaded into my photo stream.

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Bank holiday blues

Posted in blog by petegent on October 3, 2008

Huzzah it’s a bank holiday! you might think…

Actually bank holidays in Germany are well… shite. Even less stuff is going on (or seems to be) than

on Sundays, which is the other form of punitive existence in Germany. At least in England I can go to a fricking Tesco 24/7 and get milk, doughnuts and other critical munchies at 2:03 in the morning.


I guess in that respect Germany is actually very backward and very much like what England was around 10 to 15 years ago before a new dawning age in shopping and
 lifestyle appeared.

On the other hand perhaps people here in Germany are just not as big suckers for buying things to make ourselves feel better a bout our stupidly pointless ant lives.

It’s certainly true to say that I think they have a much more liberal society than England does. You can pretty much do anything here as long as you’ve a got a grip on the language, which I guess is the crux of the problem for me.

They also don’t have the omni-present surveillance society that’s slowly being setup in England. More cameras than anywhere else in the world, Eco town gulags, the Mi5 reading through every email or word you put on the Internet. Even ISP’s are now being forced into sending file sharers intimidating letters .

On a completely different note from governmental overwatch I’ve started jogging at lunchtimes now and doing pressups + situps daily to improve my strength and stamina. I’ve been following the excellent program but I’ve really gotten stuck around week 4. It just seems like whatever I do I just can’t quite do 20 pressups and perhaps it’s time I invest in some weights etc to work out my upper body strength a bit more. I’ve already got my eye on getting a gripmaster to strengthen my forearms for kung fu and guitar, which is probably gonna be the subject of a whole different blog post ☺.

I’m also looking for some tips on how to find a good running shoe or a shop to fit proper running shoes to my feet.  These days it seems like every shop these days is flooded with crappy Adidas or other flimsy running shoes made for self proclaimed sported people than actual runners.

Anyway I’m just short of starving to death now so I’m gonna go out to get some grub.

– Pete

Internetless is I

Posted in Uncategorized by petegent on October 2, 2008

Sad news!

Unfortunately I’ve not really got home access to the internet until I return back to England on the 20th or thereabouts.

The reason for this is that my neighbor has decided to lock his perfectly fine and tasty internet connection. yeah I know, I’m pilfering internet bandwidth but I’m trying to save for my around the world backpacking trip – so needs must ;).

Anyway there will be a perfectly good internet connection at my mums place. Huzzah~!

I promise to blog more when the situation changes.



Squarespace diaries #1

Posted in Uncategorized by petegent on October 2, 2008

Hi there!

This is my first screencast on my blog / website about some of the problems I’m having with the squarespace suite. I’d like to preface the video by saying that I think the service is excellent but there are quite a lot of bugs and polish issues that I’d like to see addressed by the development team.

Depending on what I find in the future this might be a sortof mini series if you will. Hope you enjoy / find informative.

Squarespace diaries #1 from Peter Gent on Vimeo.