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Posted in Uncategorized by petegent on October 3, 2008

Hi folks!

As you may have found out by now I’m leaving Germany to return to my true motherland and home of shows like changing rooms and antiques roadshow; England.

As it happens I’ve got a ton of items that won’t fit into my suitcase so I’m going to offer them exclusively on my blog for sale. Of course If I can’t find any interested parties I’ll go to ebay or something.

Anyway, the items for sale are:

  • Several exclusive t-shirts with crysis and crytek branding
  • A crysis gold disc with signatures from all of the developers – good for forging things!
  • A movies gold disc that was given to me (with my name on it). The front is cracked but could be replaced.
  • A nintendo wii console with several games (including several arcade downloadable games – bomberman, ice hockey, kid chameleon, gunstar heroes and some others :))
  • Some ice skates – Used once about two years ago.

Pictures for all Items have been loaded into my photo stream.

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