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What a crazy day!

Posted in Uncategorized by petegent on November 7, 2008


Coould’ve been the summary for today.  Here’s what happened:

8:00 – attempted to get up and failed to do so.

10:30 – managed to get out of bed, get breakfast and then do my routine streatches before doing my part of the pushups program.

Huzzah though. I actually managed to finish week four and get to 20 pushups for the first time, after trying and trying and trying for weeks and weeks on end.

1:00 – Lunch and then some casual surfing / tv watching

2:10 – Leave for the swimming pool, park the car and buy a parking ticket. Go into the pool at around 2:40 and then did around 20-25 mins of breaststroke swimming. Swore I had seen someone from college there who was working behind reception. Anyway I didn’t want to bother her so I kind of avoided her :).

p.s. – For some reason riverside wanted to charge me 25 quid just for an induction at the gym and then 40 quid a month for access to the pool and the gym. This is despite the fact that they are clearly affilirated with the county council. What a rip off!

3:40 – Left the pool and found a parking penalty ticket stuck to the front of my car. It turns out I stupidly put the ticket the wrong way up on the dashboard <slaps self>.

Start to drive to billericay but lately I’ve been having a really odd and weird feeling of niggling self doubt when driving. I consequently drove in a manner that would have not only failed my driving test but would have probably gotten me immediately guiloteened by my driving instructor. Of course, it doesn’t help when you’ve been out of the country on and off for the past 2 years and your driving at around 4pm in the pitch blackness of winter.

Excuses aside, I made my first mistake at one of the large roundabouts in town. I wanted to go straight ahead at the roundabout, so I pulled off from the starting mar when the traffic cleared, only for a cyclist to veer between the left and the right leaving me to think ‘WTFH’ and undertake him with minimal room and merge with the traffic ahead in something resembling crash and go (without any crashing, fortunately).

Summary: Dastardly!

Then some way on the road to billericay from chelmsford I drove right through a pelican crossing, whilst totally forgetting what different crossings there are in this idiosyncratic country (pelican, zebra and another to my mind. Not that I can instantly tell the difference. No pedestrians = ok, pedestrians = stop or something like that.) and then not giving way to a double decker bus on the way. As a side mention it seemed like there were literally 5-10 pelican crossings on the main road in billericay, which was definitely annoying beyond belief!

I then went down the high street, missing my correct turn off and I took a left at the round about at the end of the highstreet. I nactual fact there was a no left turn here and I ended up going down a one way street, blocking up all the traffic and getting a few beeps and yells. At this point my minds resolution was set to ‘Beat pete up and punch in face’ mode.

Summary: Dangerous! and would have lead to my summary exeution, if I happened to have had a driving instructor next to me.

THEN I finally found the road that I was supposed to be on and I drove into the car park. As the idiot I am, I also totally forgot to take the ticket at the barrier and parked up in the car parking space.I check my watch to find out its 4:45 – 15 mins late for my lesson! Arg.

Worrying about the fact that I was in a car park without a ticket or an obvious way to pay I went to the customer service place and they told me I had to buy something to get a receipt. Sooo…. I thought I might as well buy some bananas, why not?

I get to the till, only for the lady there to tell me that I had to buy 5 pounds of whatever to get free parking. ‘Gleh I thought!’ and bought the bananas anyway.

I get to my lesson at around 5:00 and I ask the guy at the reception whether or not he’s got me on the books for an appointment, to which the guy goes rather mute and tells me I’m not booked in for a drumming lesson. Eventually his father comes along and tells him that he should’ve sorted me out and pointed me to the tutor ‘Ah well I think’.

The tutor was actually decent enough to give me 15 mins anyway to get some basics down and turns out to be pretty tops in that regard. He actually turned out to be this pretty cool and very enthusiastic scottish guy.

I finished the lesson and then book another eight more for 80 pounds (too much I ask?) at 30 mins each. Leading me to wonder whether or not the school was actualy some kind of musical brothel?

Anyway, I’m back home now eating toad in the hole and wondering about what a hectic and up and down day it’s been! But thank the lord it’s finally over! Ciao!


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