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Do I have a serious gaming addicition?

Posted in blog, gaming by petegent on November 27, 2008

After being enthralled in call of duty 4 for a while I’ve been left to wonder if I actually have some kind of real and serious serious game addiction? no seriously ?

I mean, I just never seem to accomplish anything much. I get distracted easilly and I flitter from one thing to the next in the blink of the eye. But I’m not actually sure if it’s just restricted to games. I’m finding that now I’ve moved back home I’m kind of sitting and watching the TV for no apparent reason when I’ve got around 15 books that I should be reading.

I wonder whether my life would have been made richer if I never got involved with games at the early age of six(ish). Maybe I would have been less of a geek and more of a socialite from the start. There are plenty of alternitives out there like rock climbing, parachuting etc that I could (or maybe I feel that I should) be doing.

But, sometimes of course you get a creeping desire to play a certain game because your not sure what else to do and that strikes me as a bit of a habbit. I guess it is what it i.e. pure innocent fun but are there not a lot more productive things that I could accomplish – paint a picture, read a book. Organize my life.

I fear that in hindsight gaming has been a source of escapism for me and I kinda wish I could banish it fully.

I feel in a state of conflict between rejection and embrace of this geek yin and yang. Maybe I could just banish gaming entirely from my life or embrace it further – but where has that lead me really ?

Hmm. Back to COD4


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