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Want that! – Fashion for winter 08

Posted in fashion by petegent on December 30, 2008


We’re giving this Opening Ceremony Shawl Collar Coat the rehash treatment. The shawl collar coat is made from heavyweight wool. The closures are slightly off center to wrap you in and help decrease the blowback from Father Winter. Made in the USA and available now from Ron Herman.

More views of the Opening Ceremony Shawl Collar Coat after the jump.

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[From Opening Ceremony Shawl Collar Coat]


Some shoes I’d also like to get.

available soon at Atmos Tokyo.


通常価格 ¥ 18900(税込み)
販売価格 ¥ 17,000(税込み)
ブランド名 コンバース CONVERSE
品番 32345891
サイズ 25.0cm 25.5cm 26.0cm 26.5cm 27.0cm 27.5cm 28.0cm

available from militia sneakers JP

Fashion – Know1edge x Haze Denim

Posted in Uncategorized by petegent on December 28, 2008

Something I liked from my RSS feed

Today we give you a look at a product that we have previously not seen from the Know1edge Fall/Winter 2008 collection – their premium denim collaboration with artist Haze. Overall they worked on two pairs of denim, one coming in black, the other one in blue, both featuring leather accents and of course the iconic artwork by Haze.

Have a look at the other Know1edge x Haze deim after the jump.

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Spending the morn in bed listening to music.

Posted in Music by petegent on December 26, 2008

Another night of hardcore youtuve record searching and I’ve found some new gems :). Here’s a top 5 run down of newly discovered tracks

First up “root down” a funky hammond organ number from jimmy smith that’s probably well recognized. Featured in the beasty boy’s album ‘Ill communication’. I was gonna buy a vinyl copy of this but the LP is like £40! Perhaps I’ll wait a while and save some money for it.

Seccondly, Jurrasic 5 with a probably also well known track “Day at the races”. I occasionally dabble in rap as long as it’s the older styled stuff with funk beats and it’s not always banging on about ho’s and all that.

Thirdly some funky jazz from junior mance. You can listen to it here and a similar version by the excellent the third dimension

Fourthly, Another funky JB number from the JB’s and bobby b yrd. I know you got SOUL!

And lastly for this top 5 rundown a bit of a funky disco instrumental again! The headhunters – God made me funky

Enjoy people! 🙂

Just who has the best text – speach software out there?

Posted in blog by petegent on December 18, 2008



So I was stuck behind my rss reader (Newswire on Mac OSx) today, with an unexpected 33+ rss posts being unread, which is a lot for me. But I’m not sure if that is for anyone out there.

I then thought “Aha!” why not just try to use the speech feature built into newswire, which uses OS x’s built in text to speech feature.

First up I tried to convert Stephen fries latest blog post (somewhat of a sacrilege, really?) but, there was just no way that the synthesized voice was ever going to match up to his excellent oration.

Setting my targets a little lower I decided to try and read out a news story from one of my feeds that covers world humanitarian stories from the UN – It faired rather better and was underst-andable but there were plenty of examples of corrupted tones between syllables.

So I then asked myself the obvious question – are there actually any decent text to voice synthesizers available on the web today? I set google and to the task and here’s what I found.

At&T – Reckoned to be the best ‘Apparently’

Cons: really wasn’t that great (as you can hear in this sample). that’s not to say it was understandable, just not better than apples own text to speech syntersizer. Not as good as the acapela synth.

Overall: 2/5


Cons: really bad conversion. It sounds pretty much like stephen hawking after one of his book launches – sample

Overall – 1/5


Acapela-group (Most impressive quality) (

Pro’s: Relatively solid/ good quality for synthesizing the sample block of text. I settled for the english voice (I am that biased)

Cons: No direct linkage to make a quick comparison and it’s only available to buy.

Overall: 4/5 (


Pro’s – Free linkage.

Cons: Relatively poor synthesized version of the sample text.

Overall: 2/5


Pros: None – I didn’t even bother to try it!

Cons: Required to buy it unless you register and no demo given.

Overall: 0/5

TalkrMost surprising!

Pro’s: It allows you to subscribe to rss feeds, converting them into a linkable/downloadable .mp3 files. This is definitely quite an interesting bit of online tech and v cool in that respect.

Cons: you have to register, there’s no synergy between your local rss reader and theirs. This seems like a no-brainer considering everyone’s personal taste of RSS reader and if wordpress etc can offer an export function then why isn’t this the same for most rss readers?. The quality itself is ok, but not great.


Overall: 3/5


Overall: 0/5 – lengthly registration process meant It was just too much for me to get stuck into.

References: – original article.


New smallville – Suprisingly good.

Posted in tv by petegent on December 7, 2008

Going back to smallville I was somewhat of an avid fan during the early 2-4 seasons (and my more teeny angst years). Then it kinda got a bi too O.C on my arse an I gave it up. But now that the Now that the series is on its eighth or ninth season I became curious again and as it turns out, plesantly surprised.

 Yes, it’s still all very coy and tongue in cheek but somehow refreshing after the presumed staleness of the last x seasons. It’s all rather like 24, really – by the  third season you knew exactly what was going to happen because of the distinct formula of the series.

Part of the weekend never dies – Full music doc

Posted in Uncategorized by petegent on December 7, 2008

An awesome doc I found on the rock band come DJ duo Soulwax.

About the band

Soulwax, headed by David and Stephen Dewaele, are an alternative rock/electro band from Ghent, Belgium. The two are perhaps best known for their influential contributions to the bastard pop genre under the names Flying Dewaele Brothers and 2 many DJs and the landmark record As Heard On Radio Soulwax Pt. 2. The Dewaele Brothers have also released several major albums under the “Soulwax” moniker, including Leave The Story Untold (1996), Much Against Everyone’s Advice (1999), Any Minute Now (2004), “Nite Versions” (2005) and “Most of the Remixes… (2007).”

I hate blogging on squarespace!

Posted in Uncategorized by petegent on December 3, 2008 +/ =

Why it sucks:

1) I cant keep on writing the same stuff into this window that’s floating around the screen. Seriously dudes – how about being able to write it on my own webpage! Granted you can maximize the window – but why should I have to ?

2) It almost never seems to make my post – time after time it just breaks down in the working process and it’s not like I’ve got a slow connection in particular (even though its 512k).

3) The formatting options are totally stupid – I can’t set the font that’s used through the formatting option and setting the formatting option doesn’t create any feedback when you go back to the same menu E.g. you set the text to 400% and then when you return to the menu you can set it to 400% again which actually makes it 800% bigger. Totally dumb!

4) It wont accept my formatting from word so I had to export docs in html and then post it. G’damn!

Fickle things – there’s no inbuilt media player to play media located elsewhere in the cloud. Picture posting (drag and drop) is an exercise in draconian torture.



Twitter apparel!

Posted in Uncategorized by petegent on December 1, 2008

I just found some twitter apparel on this site.

Looks pretty awesome! 🙂


Podcast of the week: My name is Tiga

Posted in POW by petegent on December 1, 2008


This weeks podcast of the week comes from DJ Tiga in the fair city of montreal, Canada.

From wikipedia:

“He (Tiga) graduated from Selwyn House School, a prestigious school in Westmount. Before producing music, he was involved in the promotion of rave parties in his native city during the early 1990s, also Tiga was involved in the creation of world renowned afterhours club SONA. In 1994, he opened a record store named DNA Records, and in 1998 founded his own label, Turbo Recordings.

Tiga is widely known for his remixes: Tomas Andersson‘s “Washing Up”, Scissor Sisters‘ “Comfortably Numb” and Felix da Housecat‘s “Madame Hollywood” but also for his covers of Nelly‘s “Hot in Herre” and Corey Hart‘s “Sunglasses at Night“. He produces his own material, but has also worked with Zyntherius, Richard X and Jake Shears from Scissor Sisters. He has frequently collaborated with Mateo Murphy (with whom Tiga forms the duo TGV) and Jesper Dahlbäck, who had produced many of Tiga’s newer remixes. Tiga is also good friends with Steph and David Dewaele from Soulwax, who produced about half of the tracks on Tiga’s debut album Sexor. His song “3 Weeks” has received repeated airplay in night clubs. Soulwax are currently producing Tiga’s second album. His song “You Gonna Want Me” is featured on CTV’s So You Think You Can Dance Canada commercial.

As of late 2008, Tiga has continued to produce music in collaboration with Zombie Nation under the pseudonym ZZT; Two 12″ releases have resulted from the collaboration.”


Podcast (latest):

My dream: The house that ate people

Posted in blog by petegent on December 1, 2008

So I had a pretty crazy dream last night. Hmm lets see if I can recall any of it.

So there was this house and it was all from the third person with some random people that I don’t even know IRL.

Basically the house started eating people by drawing them one at a time into the ventelation system where there was this day of the triffids esque monster living there.

Anyway somehow or another the inhabitants caught on and they managed to get out of the house but then the house became really annoyed and started to brainwash some of the escapies and thus dividing them into the zombie esque house worshipers and the band that managed to get away and start their own town/house thing.

The house then sent the zombie hords against the peaceful people looking to convert more people. The last thing that I remember was that the mindless zombies were coming after me in the first person.

Weird! I guess that should have been a nightmare but I strangely enjoyed it!