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My dream: The house that ate people

Posted in blog by petegent on December 1, 2008

So I had a pretty crazy dream last night. Hmm lets see if I can recall any of it.

So there was this house and it was all from the third person with some random people that I don’t even know IRL.

Basically the house started eating people by drawing them one at a time into the ventelation system where there was this day of the triffids esque monster living there.

Anyway somehow or another the inhabitants caught on and they managed to get out of the house but then the house became really annoyed and started to brainwash some of the escapies and thus dividing them into the zombie esque house worshipers and the band that managed to get away and start their own town/house thing.

The house then sent the zombie hords against the peaceful people looking to convert more people. The last thing that I remember was that the mindless zombies were coming after me in the first person.

Weird! I guess that should have been a nightmare but I strangely enjoyed it!


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