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I hate blogging on squarespace!

Posted in Uncategorized by petegent on December 3, 2008 +/ =

Why it sucks:

1) I cant keep on writing the same stuff into this window that’s floating around the screen. Seriously dudes – how about being able to write it on my own webpage! Granted you can maximize the window – but why should I have to ?

2) It almost never seems to make my post – time after time it just breaks down in the working process and it’s not like I’ve got a slow connection in particular (even though its 512k).

3) The formatting options are totally stupid – I can’t set the font that’s used through the formatting option and setting the formatting option doesn’t create any feedback when you go back to the same menu E.g. you set the text to 400% and then when you return to the menu you can set it to 400% again which actually makes it 800% bigger. Totally dumb!

4) It wont accept my formatting from word so I had to export docs in html and then post it. G’damn!

Fickle things – there’s no inbuilt media player to play media located elsewhere in the cloud. Picture posting (drag and drop) is an exercise in draconian torture.




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