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Spending the morn in bed listening to music.

Posted in Music by petegent on December 26, 2008

Another night of hardcore youtuve record searching and I’ve found some new gems :). Here’s a top 5 run down of newly discovered tracks

First up “root down” a funky hammond organ number from jimmy smith that’s probably well recognized. Featured in the beasty boy’s album ‘Ill communication’. I was gonna buy a vinyl copy of this but the LP is like £40! Perhaps I’ll wait a while and save some money for it.

Seccondly, Jurrasic 5 with a probably also well known track “Day at the races”. I occasionally dabble in rap as long as it’s the older styled stuff with funk beats and it’s not always banging on about ho’s and all that.

Thirdly some funky jazz from junior mance. You can listen to it here and a similar version by the excellent the third dimension

Fourthly, Another funky JB number from the JB’s and bobby b yrd. I know you got SOUL!

And lastly for this top 5 rundown a bit of a funky disco instrumental again! The headhunters – God made me funky

Enjoy people! 🙂


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