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Tweetdeck FTW!

Posted in Tech / Social Media by petegent on March 15, 2009

ooooh my god. Tweetdeck I love you!

For those that don’t already know tweet deck is an air based app that lets you remotely blog, track tags and various other things from your desktop and it’s frickin Bo’ yeah!


Appologies to people following me ( but it’s allowed me to pretty much spam to my hearts content (and ease).

I just wish there was a way to setup my windows so that they always appear in this swish layout every time I boot the PC.

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New camera and new workings

Posted in Uncategorized by petegent on March 13, 2009

I recently acquired from ebay a new canon d350 DSLR after relying for many years on my sturdy phone camera. Huzzah! – now I have to work out how the hell the thing works.


Perhaps you guys can suggest some good tutorials for me to brush up on my dslr skills?

In the meantime you can chck out my “experimental” photo sets on my flikr photo stream (to the right or Hopefully I’ll be updating it with lots of pics from my travels across south america, or at least until it gets lost / stolen or I get mugged or kidnapped.


Documentary: Epic2015 how google will take over the world

Posted in blog by petegent on February 27, 2009

A pretty interesting doc on googles rise to power and how it will force the conventional sources of media – like the NY times out of business.

Google 2015

quite interesting, and I like the music. It might be way out of date though.

edit: lol – seems like an april fools 🙂

Becoming more dissaffected with lost *spoilers*

Posted in blog by petegent on February 27, 2009

Like many people I’ve been watching the latest season of lost with great vigor after wondering how the hell they were going to sort out the time-traveling island connundrum or get back to the island.

But after watching last nights episode, courtesy of the pirate bay I’ve suddenly become a bit dissapointed or dissafected all over again.

Until now it seemed like they were really going to answer a lot more questions about the island – what is it, why can it travel through time and they manage to tell a story in a really uber way through flashbacks through time. I really got the sense that it was building towards some “god help us all” climax.

With last nights episode we basically got to see john locke doing his usual man gets humiliated and forced into doing a ritual of rights to appease the island and somehow widmore and ben becoming more “likable characters”.

Honestly I now I just don’t know anymore – series 4 and 5 have been largely better than 2 because they’ve had both distinct baddies and distinct goodies; and a clear sense of the plot building towards some major event.

Suddenly it’s gotten all soapy and fillerish with no new major plotline to catch onto after many of the oceanic 6 have gotten back onto the island.

Oh well, we can only hope it doesn’t choke and go back into the dark ages of series 2 and 3.

new blogging software – dearest sender

Posted in blog by petegent on February 27, 2009

Just updated to a new piece of blogging software – deepest sender.

It seems kind better than the other firefox addon I was using; if only because the sidetray is on the left ( side, might I add), rather than at the bottom of the page.

Pretty neat.

Deepest Sender :: Firefox Add-ons

Rejection, rejection and more rejection

Posted in Uncategorized by petegent on February 24, 2009

So i’ve spent the last few weeks writing a 1500 word essay on “the relationship between development and food security”. As it turns out the quality of my essay was shit and I haven’t been accepted onto the degree course. GAH

Now I have to do the access course for a year like some kind of plebion. meh. *angry*

Still, if I’m going traveling this year perhaps I should skip uni or whatever until sep 2010. But when I get out of there I’m gonna be like 29/30. What a load of BS. *sigh*

Oh well. For your reading enjoyment here’s the essay


Installing ubantu.

Posted in Uncategorized by petegent on February 24, 2009

Just downloaded ubantu and burned it to disk.

Time to take a geek promotion 🙂


Chairman meow!

Posted in Uncategorized by petegent on February 24, 2009

my new desktop, which is all kinds of awesome

Chairman meow!


welcome to wordpress

Posted in Uncategorized by petegent on February 23, 2009

So without further ado I’ve moved from squarespace to wordpress. What were the main reasons?

Mainly the astronomical costs – I was paying £11 per month for the advanced package just so I could have full control over the design elements. Pretty ludicrous when I only top 5 unique visitors a week (or a month).

Hmm.. I should probably work on updating the blog a bit more often though.


Want that! “NOM DE GUERRE” Nom De Guerre Shetland Cardigan at oki-ni

Posted in Uncategorized by petegent on January 14, 2009

Nom De Guerre Shetland Cardigan
now £114.00
was £189.00
Nom De Guerre Lambswool V-neck cardigan with 5 black buttons to fasten and ribbed hem and cuffs. The wool is dappled white and light grey. 80% Lambswool, 20% Nylon.

200901141255.jpg [From “NOM DE GUERRE” Nom De Guerre Shetland Cardigan at oki-ni]